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Tree Trimming Services in West Bloomfield MI - Infinity Tree Service - tree-trimTrees and shrubs need regular trimming to promote healthy growth and maintain their beauty.  With all the varieties Michigan property owners have on their lot, it’s difficult to keep track of how best to trim or prune each species- or even what time of the year to do it.

From dogwoods to oak trees, on the ground or in the air, our team identifies weak and out of place branches- only cutting back where it makes the most sense. To maintain beautiful landscaping and keep your trees at their best, call Infinity Tree Service for a FREE QUOTE on seasonal tree trimming.

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Tall Trees Are No Problem

Even tall trees need to be cut back. It’s natural for trees to shed branches; some varieties more than others. If you find your property constantly covered in branches and twigs, it may be time for trimming. Our crews will evaluate the trees on your property and give you the best price on tree trimming, so you’ll know the exact tree trimming cost before you make the decision. It takes more than a long-handled cutter to take care of the big trees. Those tools are best for lilacs and other decorative trees. When it comes to established hearty trees, you really need a professional to scale your tree and take back branches to give your tree a beautiful shape.

About - Infinity Tree Service - h3-box-iconExpert Advice

If you think your tree is dying and may need to be removed, call Infinity Tree Service. We will provide a free analysis of your tree’s condition and recommend a hard prune or complete removal. Some varieties of trees only need a fresh start to look good again. The best time to have us look at your tree is in the spring, after the last frost. We can determine if the winter was too hard on the tree, if it suffers from infestation, or just needs a little TLC. As Arborists, we believe if you love the tree, removing it is the last resort. So, we will listen to your needs and make our recommendation based on what your goals are.

Seasonal Tree Trimming Season

Your trees will appreciate a seasonal trim. They will reward you with fresh air and shade for years to come. Infinity Tree Service offers a seasonal tree trimming service and shrub pruning for shrubs, bushes, and trees of any size. We are happy to provide a fast and friendly quote on seasonal tree maintenance and cleanup for your landscape.

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