Shrub Trimming & Removal

Shrub Trimming & Shrub Removal in Oakland County

With Infinity Tree Service, you no longer need to worry about overgrown shrubs.

Shrub Trimming & Removal Services in West Bloomfield MI - Infinity Tree Service - shrub-trimHave you been putting off pruning shrubs and bushes because you don’t know where to start or what time of year to do it? Call Infinity Tree Service! We’ve been helping the residents of Oakland county maintain full and beautiful shrubs and bushes for over 20 years.

Pruning deciduous shrubs requires the patience to remove one branch at a time, starting with the dead, diseased, and damaged stems. After that comes branches that cross, water sprouts (those upright shoots that grow on trunks and side branches) and suckers (shoots that grow near the ground.) That’s the easy part. The final step is pruning and shaping. For most people, that is the scary part. Fear of creating a lopsided shrub or removing a branch and creating a hole makes the thought of pruning back dogwoods, lilacs, roses, and other shrubs a nightmare. This year, don’t put off your seasonal pruning. Call Infinity Tree Service and leave the bush, hedge, and shrub trimming to the pros.

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Shrub Removal, Root Grinding, and Clean-up

Homeowners are always surprised to find out how deep the roots go for shrubs and bushes. In many cases, what seems like a simple job, turns out to be back-breaking labor. Removing established shrubs takes more than simply digging around the base and lifting the plant out. The root structures go deep and, in some cases, travel below your garden bed or structure. If you are transplanting your shrub, you’ll need to know exactly how deep to go and how much of the root structure your shrub can live without. Even if you are disposing of the shrub, chopping through the root to free the plant is no easy task. Infinity Tree Service has the tools and the knowledge to safely remove your shrub, bush, or small tree without destroying your garden. If you need shrubs, bushes, or small trees removed or relocated call us. We’ll make sure it’s removed completely, and the roots are ground so you can use that space to grow something else.

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