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Affordable Tree & Shrub Services Near You
Serving West Bloomfield and the surrounding areas since 1993
Seasonal landscaping doesn’t stop with the grass and flowers. Trees and shrubs need regular care too. As your local tree service company, we maintain some of the most beautiful trees and shrubs in Oakland County. From saplings to established trees, we ensure their health and keep them growing in the right direction. No job is too big or small!

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Quality Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, and Shrub Care in Your Area

We have the equipment, experience, and dedication to help you maintain healthy trees and shrubs year after year.

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It takes patience and a special touch to maintain shrubs and trees properly. For most species, you need to assess the growth and remove select branches to open up the canopy and keep the growth manageable.

Infinity Tree Service has that kind of patience- and experience. When you hire Infinity Tree Service to survey your trees and provide proper shaping, we don’t just chop off the top or cut away branches that invade the power lines. We consider the kind of tree you have and what it should look like at full maturity. Then, we look for potential hazards, and shape it accordingly. We can also help reshape trees that were victim to city-hired crews.

Large Trees Are No Match for Our Experienced Tree Trimming Team

Oakland County is known for its large, established trees. If you’re lucky enough to have one or more on your property, call us. It’s easy to let old trees become overgrown with gangly branches. Proper trimming and select branch removal will open-up the view, raise the skirt, and allow more sun to reach your grass and garden. But don’t attempt to trim these large trees yourself. With Infinity, you’ll get a fully licensed, bonded, and insured crew, with the proper equipment to scale large trees and trim them without incident. Our crews focus on safety- for you, themselves, and your property.

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Dogwood, Boxwood, Forsythia, Lilac, and Other Shrub Pruning Services

Don’t let your shrubs grow out of control. Shrubs seem like a care-free way to fill in your landscaping and create visual interest. But after a few years, shrubs become overgrown, affecting its foliage and flowers. Have you noticed fewer flowers every year? Your shrub is probably due for some thinning. Thinning or pruning shrubs allows the shrub to focus energy on growing straight and full. The professionals at Infinity Tree Service can provide the seasonal pruning and trimming your shrubs need in the early spring or late fall.

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We are very pleased with their work and already have them scheduled for our next tree service needs. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants good reliable service at good prices! Virginia D.