Lot Clearing

Affordable, Professional Lot Clearing Service

We have the equipment and manpower to clear your side lot quickly.

Lot Clearing Services in West Bloomfield MI - Infinity Tree Service - lotInfinity Tree Service offers lot clearing and clean-up for Oakland County homeowners. We are licensed and insured and have the well-maintained equipment to clean cut, and clear wooded areas and side yards quickly and cleanly.

We can provide cutting, stump grinding, and debris removal depending on your needs. The cost of our lot clearing service depends on the number of trees and shrubs, the size of your lot, the terrain, and what obstacles we will need to work around.


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No matter what season, if you need trees removed, Infinity can do it. We can go below the surface for tree root removal or just come over to move heavy branches that may have fallen during a storm. Whatever lot clearing job you have, we are the lot clearing company for the job. We guarantee to show up on time and work hard until we finish the job. Our crews make sure the area is clean before they leave so you are 100% satisfied with the service they provided taking pride in what we do and treating our customers like family.

Large Clear Cutting or Small Area Clean-up

Whether you are adding on to your home or building a new one, chances are you’ll be dealing with a variety of trees, shrubs, or wild growth. The professionals at Infinity will remove shrubs, stumps, and trees, so you can start your project without any obstacles If you are building a new home, we can assist or direct a team to safely move trees, or correctly trim trees and shrubs so you can work around them. We work with your builder in whatever capacity you need to get your job done.

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